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Pictures of the 2008 Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade

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December 7, 2008 at 9AM,
The Dan Ryan Woods, Chicago,
83rd Street and Western Avenue

6 degrees!Every Child Deserves a Christmas2008

Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008
Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008
Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008
Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008 Toys for Tots 2008

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The 2008 parade dedications:

 Ron "Taz" Bernichio TFT # 654, Tier Two Road Blocker.
A silent dedicated member who believed in our organization deeply. He was a "go to person" for activities that needed help any time…. day or night. He loved going to the St. Josephs Ride in Bike show to meet and inform the children there that needed rough/adult like guidance. He always aided us there at Christmas to deliver toys and talk to the kids. He loved his shovelhead as he felt that old school was the best school, just like he felt about his life and long time friends. God Bless and May the Good Lord watch over you as you did silently about us.

Ellen Mitchell  TFT # 666.
The loss of Ellen will be heartfelt in many organizations not only Toys for Tots, but also just about any organizations that ever needed a superior organizer. She was an integral part of collectibles and when product needed some organizing she jumped in with both feet.  She was a super moocher always being able to get freebies for any benefit that needed help. In honor of Ellen, do something for another person, because that is always what Ellen was about with her life mate Rick. May the Good Lord forever keep her heart with us, and remember this helper and friend.

Betty "Blue Velvet" Overman  TFT # 308.
Despite being ill for sometime and being confined to a wheelchair for the last few years, she would always  make the kickoff party in order to maintain her membership even. She was the dearest friend of Debbie Giampa (Stationary Road Blocker leader) and a dedicated member of the stationary road blocker team at Ogden and Western. She also was a reliable and dedicated tagger to posterized Western Avenue before the parade. May the Good Lord take her forever lasting smile and giving ways and make her time above as peaceful as she was with us.

Terry "Sugar" Agnello TFT # 205.
Terry started in Tier 2 as a road blocker in the good old days. When a road blocker had to have that look, …like don’t do it, unless you want to tangle with me. But behind his look of toughness was indeed someone who truly cared about aiding needy children at Christmas. Terry was a force in the tumultuous eighties, a bit adversarial when needed but with good intentions.. He will be missed by many, he rode a Harley but indeed was a Beezer lover (BSA). He was one whose helping hands were always available and would do whatever to keep our reputation unblemished.

Eleanor Nash Our Original "Pink Lady".
By keeping her agreement with our Founder Ed "Animal" Wisniewski, she kept thousands of motorcyclists covering their jackets and vests with our annual Toys for Tots Run pin. Her commitment made us recognized worldly, because that red hand painted rolled steel pin. It showed commitment to help children for 28 years. Her dedication to keep the pin red and of repeated style showed us your heartfelt commitment. Her committed dedication and love of our organization will be remembered forever and may her time in Heaven keep her loved ones at peace.

2nd Battalion, 24th Marines
We thank our Marines for finding a way to continue assisting needy children at Christmas. Despite some of them being deployed to serve our state and country due to the conflict in the Middle East and wherever you serve our country. Your commitment and dedication to the annual campaign of  “Every Child Deserves A New Toy At Christmas” will always be remembered.

Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade 2008
is continually grateful to all our Marines & Soldiers
Especially 2ndBn,24th Marines

The Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade hope and pray
that you all return home soon and safe. God Bless!

Semper Fi !

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Thank you for your support for 31 years.

Sincerely,  "Santo" and all Volunteers

President of Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade