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2007--30th run-Sunday, December 2, 2007. 9:30AM start.  Get there early.
Toy Suggestions

Please remember, no stuffed animals. For health reasons, many schools, orphanages, and hospitals will not permit stuffed animals to be given to the children in their care. Games, dolls, books, and sports equipment, toy cars, toy trucks, and toy motorcycles are some of the preferred alternatives. And remember, we need toys for kids of all ages, from tiny toddlers to tall teenagers. We need small toys and small dolls for babies, as well as games and sports equipment for young adults.
Please do not wrap your donation.  We cannot accept wrapped toys.

2006--29th run-Sunday, December 3, 2006.  A bone chilling 18 degrees didn't keep about 4,000 dedicated motorcyclists from delivering 5,000 toys to the marine reserve center. "Cooch" is President.  2007 Harley raffle.  First year for the lighted Crystal Collectable.  Parade was dedicated to the memory of Joe Billy (TFT #50), Mickey Jorgensen and Duncan Black.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

2005--28th run-Sunday, December 4, 2005.  Snow, Cold.  Collected total of 59,000 toys.  "Cooch" is President.  2006 Harley raffle.  Parade was dedicated to the memory of Frank Griseto (12-5-2004) - DuPage County Sheriff's Deputy.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

2004--27th run-Sunday, December 5, 2004. Clear, 48 degrees. About 45,500 riders participate.  Collected over 70,000 toys.  "Cooch" is President.  2005 Harley raffle.  Parade was dedicated to the memory of Jack "Sidecar" Wheeler.  TFT#71 "Later Dude". We make special tribute to Frank Griseto - DuPage County Sheriff's Deputy.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

2003--26th run-Sunday, December 7, 2003.  Sunny, 45 degrees.  About 42,000 riders participate.  "Tiger Mark" is President.  New gray shirts and sweats.  13 cable TV shows.  2004 Harley raffle.  Sturgis Vacation Raffle.  "Corbin's Ride On" TV show coverage.  Parade was dedicated to the memory of Ed Johnson TFT#124.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

2002--25th Silver Anniversary Parade-Sunday, December 1, 2002.  About 18,000 riders.  Clear and 17 degrees. 9:30 start.  President "Tiger Mark".  13 Chicago Cable TV shows. 2003 Harley Raffle.  Sturgis Rally Raffle.  25th Anniversary special event motorcycle and car Illinois license plates.  Special 25th Anniversary pins.  Special 25th Anniversary T-shirts and jackets.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

2001--24th run-Sunday, December 2, 2001. Over 30,000 riders.  Sunny and pleasant.  New ceramic Bear on cycle.  TFT Christmas cards.  12 TFT cable TV shows.  2002 Harley raffle. --$101,250 distributed.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

2000--23rd run-Sunday, December 3, 2000.  About 25,000 riders.  Sunny, 17 degrees.  President "Tiger Mark".  Third TFT Hot Wheels bike (red).  New patch.  12 TFT cable TV shows.  2001 Harley raffle. --$99,000 distributed.  Santa Fe locomotive in Parade.

1999--22nd run-Sunday, December 5, 1999. About 15,000 riders. Starts at 10:30 am. Rain and snow. "Big Lou" Kaczmarek resigns. "Tiger Mark" becomes President. Second TFT Hot Wheels bike (white). www.ChicagolandTFT.org TFT Website started.  2 TFT cable TV shows.  Harley raffle. --$152,000 distributed.

1998--21st run-Sunday, December 6, 1998.  Rain.  About 22,000 riders.  First year for TFT Mattel Hot Wheels Motorcycle (black).  TFT Coloring book.  "Big Lou" Kaczmarek is President.  Last TFT Party in Rosemont.  Harley raffle. --$139,000 distributed.

1997--20th run-Sunday, December 7,1997.  About 15,000 riders.  10:30 start. Cloudy.  Special 20 year pin.  "Big Lou" Kaczmarek is President.  Third TFT Party in Rosemont.  Harley raffle.

1996--19th run-Sunday, December 1,1996.  About 4,000 riders.  Ed Mitchell is President.  Second TFT Party.  First TFT bike show at St. Joseph.  Harley raffle.

1995--18th run-Sunday, December 3,1995. 10:30 am start.  Sunny, warm, 53 degrees.  About 17,000 riders.  Ed Mitchell is President.  Couple married at The Woods.  First TFT Party in Rosemont.  Harley raffle.

1994--17th run-Sunday, December 4,1994.  About 10,000 riders.  Cloudy.  First Sunday Parade.  Parade starts at 10:30 am.  Ed Mitchell becomes President.  Harley raffle.

1993--16th run-Saturday, December 4,1993.  About 5,000 riders.  Cloudy. "Animal" is President.  Last Parade on a Saturday.  Parade starts at Noon.

1992--15th run-Saturday, December 5,1992.  About 5,000 riders.  Sunny, cold, dry. Billboard over Western Avenue.  "Animal" is President.  Special 15 year pin. Noon start.

1991--14th run-Saturday, December 7,1991.  About 5,000 riders.  Cold, wet, cloudy. Starts at Noon.  Starts in the Dan Ryan Woods.  "Animal" is President.

1990--13th run-Saturday, December 1,1990.  No Parade.  Sunny and dry.
Operation Desert Storm puts Marines on alert and cancels parade.
Bikers assemble in the Dan Ryan Woods to donate toys and then leave.

1989--12th run-Saturday, December 2,1989. About 5,000 riders.
Cold and snow. Starts at Noon.

1988--11th run-Saturday, December 3,1988. About 4,000 riders.
Sunny and dry. Starts at Noon.

1987--10th run-Saturday, December 5,1987. About 3,000 riders. Sunny and dry. Malcolm Forbes rides Elizabeth Taylor's "Purple Passion" Harley with his friends, "The Capitalist Tools". Starts at Noon.

1986--9th run-Saturday, December 6,1986. About 3000 attend.
Dan Ryan Woods remains as the starting point to the present day.

1985--8th run-Saturday, December 7,1985. About 2000 riders.
Assemble in the Dan Ryan Woods for the first time.

1984--7th run-Saturday, December 1,1984. About 2000 participate.
Sunny and dry. Last time on 79th Street.

1983--6th run-Saturday, December 3,1983. About 2000 riders.
Police escort from 79th Street.

1982--5th run-Saturday, December 4,1982. Over 2000 people attend.
Meet on 79th Street.

1981--4th run-Saturday, December 5,1981. 1500 attend. First year for TFT pins.
First year for parade permit. Leave from 79th Street.

1980--3rd run-Saturday, December 6,1980. 200 bikers attend. Some media coverage. Assemble on 79th Street.

1979--2nd run-Saturday, December 1,1979. Assisted by The Venture Inn on 79th Street, 50 people participated and left from 79th Street, rode north on Western Avenue to the Fourth Division Marine Corps Center on Foster Avenue, at the river.

1978--The first Parade-1 motorcycle, 6 people. Ed "Aminal" Wisniewski,  Viet Nam veteran, organized the Chicagoland Toys for Tots Motorcycle Parade at his cycle shop, Fantasy Choppers. Departed from Fantasy Choppers, 2532 West 63rd Street, on Wednesday, December 13, 1978. Ride to the Glenview Naval Air Station with a van half-filled with toys. Aminal, Mark-off, Namu, Princess, Thor, and Puppy were the first participants.