2005 Hot Rod Power Tour Pictures

2005 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour official website June 4-11 Milwaukee, WIS to Kissimmee, FLA

Day 6 pictures of Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2005.

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Thursday, June 9; the North Florida Fair Grounds in Tallahassee, Florida Day 6 pictures
Longest day, 92 miles to Montgomery (Alabama state capital) then 213 to the Florida state capital.

Rick's supercharged LT4

Sunshine State - prove it!

1933 Cabriolet

Long Hauler truck

430 HP Vega

red 1954 Chevy

high octane gas please

little milk truck

blown 409

390 Fairlane 500

1969 Pace Car

1961 bubble top

good / strange paint

Plum Crazy Road Runner

4 cylinder Tbucket

I need more chrome


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