2005 Hot Rod Power Tour Pictures

2005 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour official website June 4-11 Milwaukee, WIS to Kissimmee, FLA

Day 4 pictures of Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2005.

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Tuesday, June 7; Nashville, Day 4 pictures, On past the Mason-Dixon line to "the South".
About 290 miles to the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

Bob's Mustang smile

Weber factory entry.

Where is Mad Max?

Mother's ElCamino

very long Tbucket

Nomad - no, but close

'71 Pantera DeTomaso

How did you do that?

Hot Rod Lincoln


dual quad devil

1957 Fairlane 300

Gaylord Resort

Boogie 'til you Puke

Pontiac Shark

Where's the depot?


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