2005 Hot Rod Power Tour Pictures

2005 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour official website June 4-11 Milwaukee, WIS to Kissimmee, FLA

Day 3 pictures of Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2005.

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Monday, June 6; Indianapolis, Day 3 pictures, Point straight east to the Indianapolis Raceway Park.
Lunch Mid America Motorworks Effingham, 90 miles from Springfield, 120 miles to Indianapolis.

Rudy's convertible

Dakota convertible

Corvette Summer

Deathrace 2000

repairs happen

Prowlers looking good

it's a Brut on the track

stands filled later

model A Cabriolet

spotless '55 Bel Air

catch the Rambler Marlin

Packard show car

when you're hot, you're hot

'56 dragin' wagon

winged '48 Chevy

keep on goin'


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