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POWER TOUR 2001 from Pontiac, MI to San Bernardino, CA
see MyTrain, page 96, September  2001 Hot Rod magazine

Pontiac, Michigan       Tulsa

2001 Hot Rod Power Tour - 9 days and 2414 miles
May 3: Pontiac, MI - Kick-Off Celebration
May 4: 311 miles to Joliet, IL
May 5: 215 miles to Effingham, IL
May 6: 312 miles to Springfield, MO
May 7: 185 miles to Tulsa, OK
May 8: 363 miles to Amarillo, TX
May 9: 288 miles to Albuquerque, NM
May 10: 435 miles to Kingman, AZ
May 11, 305 miles to San Bernardino, CA

(Hot Rod Power Tour 2005, go to official website, is June 4 to June 11,2004
from Milwaukee to Kissimmee, see map of Florida)

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SPECIAL NOTE: the Santa Fe Parade Train will again lead
ChicagoLand "Toys for Tots" parade December 2 nd, 2007