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Dakota convertible production was 2,842 in 1989;  then 909 in 1990;
and another 8 in 1991.  Here are two of the eight, factory 1991's in 2004.

1991 Dodge Dakota convertible   1991 Dodge Dakota convertible  
Open air seating now available.


The 1989-1990-1991 Dodge Dakota Convertible.  This model Dakota is all factory.  In 1988, Dodge made a contract with ASC (then American Sunroof Company, now American Specialty Cars) to manufacture the roadster pickups based on the new Dakota line.  They came in two or four-wheel drive.  The "Dakota roadster pickup" makes a great summer cruiser.

Dakota convertible! The first American convertible pickup since the Ford Model T, it featured a fixed roll bar and an uncomplicated manual top. Total 3859 made, 2,842 were sold the first year, 909 in 1990 and 8 in 1991.

In order to fulfill the Dodge Division's commitment to the American Sunroof Company, production of the "drop top" Dakota was extended into the 1991 model year. These models were equipped with the V6 engine, along with the updated front fascia that all 1991's received. Production was extremely limited, with just 8 produced in total, making them the most rare of all Dakotas. The eight 1991 Dodge Dakota convertibles were built in 1991 by ASC for use as parade vehicles at the 1991 Indianapolis 500 where the brand new Dodge VIPER was the Pace Car.  Only one long bed Dakota convertible was ever made, it was a 1991.  No advertising was given to these 8 trucks, and they do not appear in sales literature.  After the race they were offered for purchase, to mid-level Chrysler management.  read more here