West Georgia College  Humanistic Psychology Department
Beautiful Students and Faculty 1974 - 1975 - 1976 - 1977
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Tribute to Mike Arons & all WGC Psychology department students & faculty. Contributors on page bottom.

founder Dr. Mike Arons

Dr. Klee,Dr. Mike Arons

Ram Dass and friends

we are family

we eat out

Diane's healing eyes

Janie,Jackson,Jim C,?

Janie's hair

Erin lights up a room

and a cloudy day

Loren & Erin

Pauline's smile

Catherine ponders

Helen's blue eyes

Jim C. & Erin

large and small (Rita)


always a good picture

Professor Paul

So Happy


bedroom on birthday

Margie did it

picnic every day


my jacket & my dog

night (Jim)+day (Joe)

picture of honesty

anyone check her ID?

several live here

yes,swimming happens





It is with great sadness we report that Dr. Myron (Mike) Arons, professor of psychology and founder
of the University of West Georgia - Humanistic Psychology department died on February 18th, 2008.
Mike helped each of us discover that we can accomplish anything.  Thank you friend,

This collection of memories started in March 2007 when the department celebrated it's 40th year.  Student's names were made possible with the help of Steven & MaryBeth.  Sadly, Steven died July 4, 2007.  His daughter Julie sent his WGC pictures which I scanned and added.  In 2008 more students were identified by Jackson, Loren, Karen and Anne Jane.  Page by Charles.

  University of West Georgia - Humanistic Psychology department

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