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I am the Santa Fe Super Chief parade train.  I am a lot of fun to see and hear.

Today I was Banned by NASCAR, Banned for life! Free Hit Counter

Comments from those who matter:

yer killing me .... That web page, by far, is funniest one I've read in years. The video is, priceless... Kevin

Looks like fun, the train on the track!  Darcy

Now that would be a document to treasure. How many people are banned for life!  Mark

What a rebel!!! Kelly

YIKES... Rudy

You’ll be alright – Nothing like a moment you’ll never forget...  Mike and Nancy

Too funny. You go buddy!!  Connie

Cool... Animal Jim

LOL -- I love it!  Hope you are well -- Happy Autumn... Catherine

I am very proud of you. What an honor to be banned from NASCAR for life... Gus

Oh my, were you a bad boy... Those guys sound like tight asses... Tessy

You were probably banned because of the illegal aerodynamic aides you were using... Harold, Jr.

that's hilarious. I'm going to share this with my pop... Luvya, Kelly

Live life on the edge. Go for it. !!! I thought it was great... Lori

Train Man - Was that you I saw at the Chicagoland Speedway yesterday doing 100mph in turn 3?  You sir, are a madman!!  I had a great time yesterday in my buddies 1934 Ford Coupe with a Big Block Chevy 4 speed... Bludog

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